Manufacturing Process

Choose the most suitable manufacturing technologies that include injection molding, compression molding, CNC machining, insert molding and overmolding. We continuously bring in advanced machines and improve engineering technology, always ready to take over difficult orders. Welcome to consult us!

injection molding

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a high automotive method to produce plastic and rubber parts, with high volume and high quality.

compression molding

Compression Molding

Compression is mostly used to produce rubber pieces, with lower mold cost.

cnc machining

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a rapid prototyping technology which requires no mold fee.


Insert molding & Overmolding

Insert molding or overmolding can bond the two materials together.

mold fabrication

Our Mold Fabrication Service

Mold plays a vital role in the production process. If the mold is not accurate or in poor quality, the product quality cannot be good. We deeply aware the importance of mold, and we insist to make the mold in-house to improve product accuracy and quality. Click here and find more about our mold fabrication service.

View Our Material Range

Wondering which material suits your project the best? We stock a wide range of rubber and plastic materials for you to choose from. Click the page and learn more about our available material and choose the most suitable one for your custom molded products.

material series
surface finishing

Choose Your Favourite Apperance

Do you want to make your personalized parts much more pretty on the apperance. We are able to deal with various surface finishing, click the page and learn more about our surface finishing options for your custom molded parts.

Rubber Material Selection Guide

Jiangzhi has orgainzed this rubber material selection guide. If you have any double on how to choose the correct rubber material, please view this guideline for your reference. If you still have doubt, please consult our material experts.

rubber material

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Following are some of the lastest news in rubber and plastic industry, as well as cutting edge industry information.

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