Injection Molding

injection molding

Injection molding has very high production efficient, one turn can produce dozens of products. It regards as one of the best way to produce custom plastic parts and rubber parts. We are a specialist in injection molding industries with more than 40 years history. Our injection molding parts is widely used in various industry, covering agricultural machinery, robotic, medical devices, etc.

Our Injection Molding Service

We have 25 injection molding machines from 90 tons to 1100 tons, which means we have the capability to manufacture injection parts on various scales, also able to undertake high-precision orders from many industries. Welcome to consult us!

    • 25 sets automatic presses
    • Machines 90tons to 1100tons
    • Continuous process monitoring
    • 7*24 hours operation
    • Wide range stock materials able to reach products property
    • Single and multi cavities
    • Insert molding and over molding

Mold Fabrication

As injection specialist, we aware mold accuracy and quality plays a vital role in injection process. We always design and process mold in house.

Available Material for Injection Molding


    • ABS
    • PA / PA 6 / PA 6/6
    • POM
    • PP
    • UHMWPE
    • PC
    • PMMA
    • PVC

Elastomer and Compond Rubber

    • Silicone
    • EPDM
    • TPE
    • TPU

Injection Molding Products Display

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