FKM Rubber Parts

FKM rubber has the reputation of the king of rubber, and it is an irreplaceable key material in cutting-edge industries. The FKM rubber sealing rings and gaskets produced by Jiangzhi are often used in aerospace, automobile, military and other industries.

FKM rubber parts

What is FKM rubber?

Fluoroelastomers also known as FKM rubber has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance, and has been used in cutting-edge technologies such as modern aviation, missiles, rockets, space navigation, ships, atomic energy, and automobiles, shipbuilding, chemicals, petroleum, and telecommunications, instruments, machinery and other industrial fields. Due to its excellent performance, FKM rubber has been more and more widely used, and it has well solved the sealing problem under harsh conditions. With the continuous improvement of FKM manufacturing process and in-depth research on its application, this sealing material with the best comprehensive performance is bound to be popularized and applied in more fields in the future.

FKM raw material

FKM Properties

Advantages and Benefits of FKM

Good Stability

FKM rubber has a high degree of chemical stability, and is currently the best medium-resistant property among all elastomers, and can resist most oils, organic acids and organic solvents.

Excellent Heat Resistance

The high temperature resistance of FKM rubber is the same as that of silicone rubber. It can be said that it is the best among elastomers at present. It can be used for a long time at 250°C and short-term at 300°C, and can maintain good elongation at break as well as elasticity.

Good Aging Resistance

FKM has excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance. There are data showing that there is no obvious crack after 45 days in the air with ozone concentration of 0.01%

Good Mechanical Properties

Excellent physical and mechanical properties, fluororubber has a large compression set at high temperature, but if compared under the same conditions, the compression deformation rate of nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber is larger.

Good ELectrical Performance

FKM has good electrical properties and lower hygroscopicity than other elastomers, so it can be used as a good insulating material.

Applications of FKM Rubber

  • Automotive: engine seal gasket, rubber bellow, oil hose, outlet or inlet hose;
  • Aerospace & Aircraft: seal, gasket, diaphragm, liners;
  • General usage: gasket, seal, oil hose, diaphragm.

Other Rubber Materials

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