SBR Rubber Parts

The physical structure, processing performance and product performance of SBR are close to those of natural rubber. The SBR products produced by Jiangzhi are widely used in rubber hoses, wires and cables, medical appliances and other fields.

sbr rubber parts

What is SBR rubber?

SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), which is the largest general-purpose synthetic rubber variety and one of the earliest rubbers to realize industrial production.

SBR has excellent properties of wear resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance, and can be used together with natural rubber and various synthetic rubbers. After vulcanization treatment, its wear resistance, tensile strength, tear strength and aging resistance are better. The price of SBR is relatively low, and the lack of mechanical properties and process performance can be improved or overcome by adjusting the formula and process conditions. It has a wide range of applications and is often used in the production of various rubber products such as tires, auto parts, and rubber hoses.

SBR Properties

Advantages And Disadvantages of SBR



Applications of SBR Rubber

  • Insulation grommet
  • Vibration mount grommet
  • Anti slip rubber feet
  • Pad style bumper
  • Transportation roller
  • Refrigerator door seal
  • Toy car rubber tire
sbr rubber parts

Other Rubber Materials

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