Mold Fabrication Service

As a specialist for custom molded parts, we aware mold accuracy and quality plays a vital role in production process. We design and produce mold all by ourselves to reach a high standard quality and precision for molded parts. We have brought in multi-axle vertical and horizontal machining center, latch machine, as well as EDM and WEDM, and other automatic machines.

Mold Fabrication Processing

Drawing Analyse

After receiving drawing, our engineer first conduct DFM, check whether the drawing can be adapt to mold making.

Mold Design

Next mold engineer will design the mold according to the structure of the product, the finalized mold drawing design will be use for mold processing.

Mold Processing

According to the drawings, our mold engineer will produce modules sequentially, then assemble and test the mold, and finally complete the mold production.

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