• Molded Parts In Various Industries

We are a leading contract manufacturer across OEM molded parts and serves industries such as automotive, mining, agricultural, home appliance, etc.

agricultural machinery


We have established cooperation with agricultural vehicle manufacturers, poultry farms, animal husbandry plants, aquaculture and fishing plants, etc.

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automotive industry


We provide solutions in custom rubber and plastic parts for the auto parts industry.

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mining machinery


We have cooperated with many mines and mining machinery manufacturers, and the product quality has been recognized.

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food & beverage

Food & Beverage

We have many years of experience in providing solutions for custom rubber and plastic parts for food and beverage plants.

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heavy equipment

Heavy Equipment

We manufacturer custom molded components for machines and vehicles in many fields.

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We have produced a variety of marine molded rubber and urethane parts which can be found in vessels and ports around the world.

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We provide transportation solutions, our direction includes, automotive, aircraft, motorcycle, train, ship, elevator or any hybrid application.

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home appliance

Home Appliance

We supply rubber and plastic products for small appliances around the world, including washing machines, coffee machines, air conditioners, ovens, air purifiers, water dispensers and more.

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