Jiangzhi is a leader in high-volume plastic and rubber parts serving a variety of industries. Our expertise in precision molding and advanced automation ensures efficient production in a wide range of materials. We handle the complexities of manufacturing, allowing you to focus on your customers and better invest in growth and innovation.



What are the responsibilities of a contract manufacturer?

The contract manufacturer is the company that takes on responsibilities including designing and engineering the product. Buy and maintain tooling and machinery. Hire and train the production team.

Hiring a contract manufacturer can provide you with the ability to produce a high number of products at a lower cost, since you can choose a manufacturer thta meets the company’s production budget. You can also save money on costs associated with manufacturing, like machinery, labor and facilities.

An ineffective contract manufacturing partner can cause intellectual property risks and escalate costs due to inferior production techniques. The mother company can lose full control over the final products, and other critical issues related to time and materials used can arise.

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